Don’t Assume

The THPL journey is one that creates a platform for new experiences, for growth and learning, for new accomplishments and for high performance.  And we, members of the THPL community, could all argue that the result is a great life.  One that is fulfilling, rewarding and unique.  We might even conclude that, as a result, others should find it similarly engaging – something worth committing to and changing the trajectory of one’s life.  And this is indeed a very legitimate perspective.  Mostly because the pursuit of THPL is “relative” - relative to me and my performance – it allows me to get better without worry of the progress of others.  We can be interested in their performance – even motivated by it – but never trapped by it, we will not feel better or worse because of someone else’s performance.  We will respect it and move on.  All in all a very healthy attitude and one that makes THPL inclusive rather than exclusive. 

There is one more point to consider.  Once you make THPL a mission that satisfies your own needs and your own life’s direction, do not assume that others will want to do the same.  You can role model the THPL life, you can make yourself available for questions and advice, but you should not crusade for others to be like you.  We believe that others will be interested but on their own schedule and when they are we will be ecstatic about this – we will be there for them and support them and encourage them to take their own lead and we will smile wide when they do.  Between now and, when others join, we move forward on our journey and we continue to find out what THPL is all about.  Yes, indeed….

Loving life when hanging with my people