Don’t let go

How often is it that you might be nearing the completion of a task, conversation, run or meeting, and you cut short the activity or the effort you put in before the finish.  You do this, typically not because you are disinterested in the outcome – if that were the case then you would not have started to begin with.  And so why do we so often let go?  Why do we choose to start and then give up before we complete?  Is it Boredom? Difficulty? Distraction? A combination?  And so, if we know that we are going to run into obstacles or issues (such as difficulty) during the process, it would be best to consider these potential hurdles before we started. Building a plan that to accommodate potential issues, use the strategies to address those obstacles, and ultimately overcome said obstacles and achieve your objective.  Anticipate, adjust, overcome, complete – yes, that is the approach

And so it is that THPL expects that when we start something we are going to complete it and not quit.  The mantra of THPL in all endeavors starts with the commitment that we will not let go – we will complete and be successful.  And the committed THPL practitioner, well, we find someone who is bad at quitting and good at completing.  And it would seem that once again it is mindset that drives results – we don’t let go – we just don’t do that.

Loving life and holding on till the end