Don’t Underestimate

It goes without saying, I hope, that THPL is for people of all ages, all interests, all capabilities.  There is no specific time in one’s life that we “need” to be part of the THPL community.  Nor is there an age that is better to be part of THPL. What we know, though, is that whenever we get involved in THPL it is geared towards taking one’s capability, their potential and taking it to the next level.   There is one reminder that is essential if we are to make THPL a more centrist way of thinking and it all revolves around expectations and beliefs.  Too often when we are confronted with an opportunity, to do more, to be different or to do better, the reaction is – I cannot do that, it’s not possible, only other people can do it. 

And so we need to find a way to overcome this tendency and find a way to remind ourselves that it is possible, that we can do it, that we are capable of more AND that there is no “real” reason to underestimate what is possible.  And as I watched this TEDx video I realized that if this young man can do what he does at 15, why can’t everyone?  Might it be that he just chose to believe that he could do more, that he could take it to the next level? Could it be that what is possible is more a function of will and not capability?  It is a worthy consideration when you see what kids can do at 15 years old – THPL if the foundation – now what we need to do is to raise our expectations high for what kids (and adults) can do as each and every one of us is truly amazing we just need to come to believe it and when we do we will find out that there is nothing that can get in our way on the THPL journey.

Loving life with so much potential around us…