On the THPL journey we all make it a priority to create room in our schedule for a workout, to take time to read a book, to learn, to debate, to go outside for an early morning hike (just to name a few).   We do these things because they are foundational to our improvement plans.  They become the pillars of THPL and are the elements that create the tapestry that is THPL.  And not surprisingly, we will do these activities again and again enjoying the effort and process, and ultimately the result.  Sometimes, though, we might find that just one activity in a day is not enough.  That you feel that there is more in you – that you need to make it a “double” day.  And so you set out to do more – to live beyond what you normally do and to have fun doing so.  The challenge that the double provides wakes up the body and the mind and makes it figure out what to do with the time that might already over taxed.  And if it does not come normally you might want to try it.  There is nothing like a double day – it packs more in than normal and the accomplishment associated with this approach is very satisfying.  Use “doubles” well and you will stretch to the next level sooner than you would otherwise get there.  And you will feel better for it.

Loving life especially on a double day!