Dream Makers


The past few days have been interesting at PennFoster.  It appears that elements of THPL are taking root across our admissions team as they have been in an intense dialogue about how they can help our students achieve their dreams.  We know that THPL contemplates a process that goes from Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, and then to Do it.  And we have found that when you follow the process you end up with a better outcome and one that usually exceeds expectations. Therefore, with empirical evidence serving as the validation that the process works, we are seeing each of the admissions counselors working attentively to make sure that student is properly supported, encouraged and  celebrated as they work together to map out the plan to make their dream a reality.  It would appear, then, that THPL community might just be getting a bit bigger as the two of the core elements of THPL are being developed quite nicely in this process, that of Life and Learning.  A great start for sure.

Loving Life and hanging with the dream makers.