Eight track


When is old new?  Seems to me that there is a nostalgia with certain ideas or topics or things that we had when we were at interesting / formative stages of our lives.  For those who were teens at any point from the mid-60’s to the early 80’s eight track cartridges will bring back distinctive memories.  The songs, the places, the people all come to life, vividly, with the songs from the eight tracks or even just seeing the old cases that you had piled about your room. 

And if perchance you were not of such an age that you would remember this format – “Eight tracks were a tape recording technology that was popular for its portable design and ease of use”.  Even though the sound quality was mediocre the format made the product quite popular and memorable.  And today in homage to the design and the role that it played in making music more widely available, there is a music web site named after this eponymous music format - http://8tracks.com/explore . The site has a great array of play lists and music collections just as the original eight track tapes did – just in a slightly easier and more accessible format. 

At the risk of making a seemingly weak connection to THPL, I think that eight tracks bring me to a connected thought worthy of a quick reflection.  Here goes……

When on a journey, no matter the pace, where you start….. is not where you end up. And the same has been true for portable music – it started with the physical tape (in this case the eight track) and it has evolved to a virtual web site that plays music to our liking.  The later providing a much more advanced, customized and accessible way of doing so. 

So, then it is true, that the THPL journey that we go on, whether it relate to a specific topic, technique, approach, or capability always starts at a basic level….. but ….when we stick with it for an extended period of time we just get better.  We cannot help but do so = it is our nature to improve.   It might not be obvious why or how but it happens but trust me it does.  Yes it is a good thing we did not stop at the eight track – I suggest that you do not stop where you are on your THPL journey.

Loving life knowing it will always get better than this