Ever Wonder Where All That Power Goes?

You ever wonder where all that power goes?  Not sure what I mean? Well let me explain.  

Every day I do some combination of reading/thinking, running, biking, swimming  weights, pushups, pull-ups, etc.  I do it in earnest for 2-3 hours a day.  Have been, as many of you know, doing it for many, many years.  It has led me to know and understand that I have a very serious and productive power plant in me that fuels this output whenever I want.  Scary, indeed.  What is even more scary to think about is what happens to that power when I do not use it?  Were does it go?  Is it still in me?  Is it waiting to be used? Or is there, as some believe, a finite supply of this power?  Is it true that you need to rest to get more power?. 

Well my personal experience tells me that there is an endless supply of power in you, and you will not run out of it! (if there was a limit then I would have run out a long time ago).  All you need to do is to figure out how to access that power.  - it is sort of like electricity at the end of the power plug - it is sitting there waiting to be used - you just need to figure out how to plug into it. Once you figure this out you realize that you have been given a gift, the gift of personal power, power to do what you want, the improbable, the unthinkable, all there for the taking.  I recommend you use it every day  - use it for great purpose - personally, professionally and socially.  

My hero’s for today are Melissa and Carl - they showed us that there is nothing, cold, nor snow, nor gloom in Scranton that will keep us from our appointed rounds (of push ups).  You two are awesome!

Ooops - almost forgot (haha) - progress tonight - Sally - 2:54 minutes - rest 30 seconds and finish - got to 147 push ups tonight on my 4:17 song  - feeling almost good enough to go for a run in the cold - not…..



PS - we added another friend tonight.  One more Steve (we did not have enough already)