Exploring India


We set out knowing that THPL is a life that pushes us in so many ways.  It is what we choose to do with the opportunities that are around us that defines how much we get out of our own version of THPL.  And when we think about the topic I realized that close to “home” I had an example, in my family, of someone taking THPL to another level.  Kimberly right now is about 700 miles north of Dehli, India.  She is two weeks into a seven-week adventure where she is studying Buddhist art, in a program run by SIT.  Infrequently she gets wifi on her trip and when she does we get a glimpse of what it is like to be living THPL every day. 

I’m in Leh now and I go to my three night, four day home stay today for which I’m pretty excited :) We went to Keylong after Manali which took a total of 13 hours of travel because the traffic was so bad over the Rotung-La (I quite enjoyed it because we were stopped for so long that we got to get out of our cars and were able to walk around) and then when we got there we had a knitting class along with our first presentations (we all got different deities/historical figures). Then we drove to Sarchu where we camped for a night at 14,300 feet!! I went for a hike up a hill and was out of breath hahaha it was fun but pathetic. And the stars were beautiful (and we got to sit around a campfire? - all my favorite things about camping! It was pretty cold though, I’d say around 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit plus wind and in the morning as we were heading out to Leh it snowed! Wasn’t expecting that on the day after the summer solstice! 

 We should all seek our moments to live out our version of THPL.  The story will be different but the spirit and lasting memory can and will be the same. 

Loving life, with the true spirit of THPL in our lives