Father’s Day

We can bring THPL to all that we do and everything that we are and represent.  And on a day like today where we recognize fathers (through Father’s Day) it strikes me that we could use a bit of reflection on the role of a father – what are we to do and how can we get better?  And how can we use the principles of THPL to remind ourselves that we can always be better.  And so here is a reminder of some of the attributes of being a father 

  1. Give unconditional love to your children every moment of every day.  Be there for them whether in person or otherwise.  They will grow to count on you and the role you play in their lives.
  2. Lead by example – role model the behaviors that you want them to have and the one’s you know that will give them advantage as they chart their course
  3. Be supportive – hug often – in words or physically – show you care, that they are important to you
  4. Trust them – they know better, often, what to do and they are resilient – let them take risks and let them know that you believe in them and that if they do make a mistake it is all part of the learning process
  5. Let them be themselves – we are all much better when we are independent, and self sufficient – as hard as it is to let go, the minute you do they become the person they should be and they will love you more for letting them be themselves.

There are many other ways we can be better as a father - year after year as our lives change and our children grow we should take the opportunity to learn from your experiences and other great people around us.  Then we can use our learning’s and make every year better than the one before – for yourself and your children.

Loving life, and the blessing that is Father’s Day