Finals in June

So often I write about THPL from an individual point of view and there are many elements of THPL that are indeed how an individual thinks and about how they conduct their life.  But this is not to say that THPL cannot bring a view on team play.  And as it happens this  June we have two big team sports finals going on around us And while I am not sure what to think about Hockey and Basketball still playing in June we will take it and go with it.  We are fortunate to have two great series to enjoy.  Tonight we had the Heat and Spurs and shortly we have the Bruins and Black Hawks.  And so here is a view on the THPL connection to these types of professional sports. 

The talent level across these four teams, in their respective leagues, is very close.  Yes, there are a few individuals who are amazing athletes but the winning team is predominantly the team with the better mindset.  Not necessarily the team with the best players.  From watching over the years I would offer that the winner comes from the team whose players chase the ball or puck harder, who play till the last second,  and who just makes sure that they “bring it” better than the other guys.  There are countless examples of where the spirit won the game and showed that deep experience is not the only way to win.

So, in keeping with the THPL, I am making the following suggestion – take a few minutes and watch some of the 2013 playoff games and when you do please bring a different lens to the games.  Can you see one team just going that much harder than the other?  Did one guy do it? Play beyond themselves?  Or was it a team effort?  One that was above the above all expectations?

We can check back in after the finals are over but my premise is that it will be obvious to you who wanted to win and why they won. 

Game on!

Loving life that’s all