First timers

OK, ok, this is the last installment on the topic of the 2014 Inaugural Scranton Half Marathon.  And what an amazing day it was.  Crystal blue skies, 40 degree temperature, 9 am start, and 2,500 runners who set out to attack the hills and trails of Scranton.  I am not sure for how many people this was their first 13.1 mile (half-marathon) race, but given that it was the first race of its kind in Scranton we can assume it was a lot of the entrants.  And what a day it was for them and the rest of the field.  It seemed that the whole city of Scranton was out to cheer us on.  The local support really made it a great entrée into racing for the first timers. 

The course was beautiful, the volunteers ever present, and some great times experienced on the race course.  There were a whole host of personal bests and a few amazing performances. But truth be told today was all about the first timers and how they reminded us what THPL is all about.  They ventured into new territory, went on a journey, found out what it meant to suffer and then how to hold on till they crossed the finish line.  To see their happy faces when they got their medal showed all of us that what did not matter was their finishing time, what really mattered was that they made a challenge to themselves and worked it hard till they achieved it.  Now that is a great THPL day indeed.

Loving life and running with first timers.