Formal Training?


If you dare to watch enough TED videos, like I do, then you look forward to the few times when it is just not yet another smart person saving the world.  Yes, on the THPL journey a bit of variety can help from time to time.  And knowing that art, music, and dance are equally remarkable talents that are well suited to the Life element of THPL I seek out TEDx videos that show high performance in such a way that you need not have any background nor insight to the “how” it is done.  You just need to open your mind and focus on the magic that unfolds as the maestros of TEDx light up the stage.  One example of this can be seen and heard if you follow this link.  (the video is only 5:44 minutes)

Chris is a 17 year old Islander living in Woodridge, south of Brisbane Australia. A musician and high school student, Chris is an amazing kid. He is articulate, has phenomenal talent and also has a sense of his place in the world.  After watching him play please listen (at 4:29) to how he found his way to play the guitar in this non-traditional way.  So, the next time you find yourself on your THPL journey with a question in your head about whether you can “do it” or not – just remember Chris and press forward – magic will happen. 

Loving life, inspired by 17 year olds!