Frame It

When we were much younger it was really fun to get a trophy for an accomplishment.  And yes, most of it was for some athletic endeavor, mostly involving a team.  After some period of time we “outgrew” the trophy as the way to recognize our accomplishments and we pressed forward with little recognition of moments that previously would have caused us to pause and smile a bit.  Then along comes THPL and a different view of our journey through life.  It makes us think about our dreams, our plans and our results. 

For the avid THPL community member there is a desire to put our newly developed or enhanced skills to the test - maybe in a race, a contest or an event.  And when we do, seeing as how we are following the THPL lifestyle, there is a real possibility to be recognized for our great results.  Maybe a medal, a plaque or a certificate comes with the results, allowing us to realize that our hard work and our accomplishments are indeed noteworthy.  And so we “frame” our newly received recognition – it could be on the wall, a table - even on you.  Regardless of how, it’s great to take the moment to smile and remember back to the days when our innocent-self truly enjoyed getting the trophy and all that it stood for.

Hard work, some fun and a whole lot of results - now that is truly worth framing.

Loving life with my framed medal on the wall