Full Moon in Winter

The wind is blowing, snow is all around, and on a cold December evening I find myself walking down a path lit by the bright rays of a winter moon.  The way that the moonlight filters through the trees it feels that I am seeing nature’s version of the holiday lighting that we have all come to appreciate at this time of year.  The full moon indeed looks brighter than other times of the year because we are seeing the moon high in the sky – it is just like a summer sun that treats us to a long and glorious days - the moon does the same for us in winter. 

And so it is, nature once again bringing feeling and majesty to our lives….. yes, we do pass through many “moments” on our THPL journey but none of them are ever taken for granted and all of our experiences make us appreciate that which we have and see because of the choices we make.

Loving life with under the full moon