Functional Water

THPL for certain, contemplates a life whereby we find it important to focus on what we eat, drink and generally put into our system.  We know that it is important to be active in the decision process relating to food.   It does not mean that we are “labeled” for how we eat; rather it is that we understand the connection between what we eat and our personal performance.  When we eat well, which includes more natural, local product, more “super foods” and the right balance of nutrients, our intellectual, physical and personal performance work better.  But like every good member of THPL community there are times when we are challenged to make the design equal the execution.   Time, location, and availability, are all potential disablers of doing what we know is right – and while we certainly can understand the trade-off, we must remain vigilant that the trade-off does not become a pattern.  

And so the question that we should answer relates to claims made by Product Companies that are selling us products that are meant to bridge the gap between our “optimal food approach” and what is available to us.  For example, there is a plethora of Functional Waters – I had one tonight that made the claim “our technology instantly enables the infusion of fresh ingredients into pristine spring water to transform water into wellness” and it got me to thinking that they are making a bold claim.  Is this right? Can it actually do what they state?  And while THPL is bold in its own right we need to be realistic about what is possible and what might not be.  And in this case, I think that functional water is a good thing to drink – it is way better than some other choices – but it cannot replace a balanced and well-constructed natural meal. 

And so we think about living, and learning, and doing, and our goal to make sure that the way we enable THPL with thoughtful choices, made with sincere intent and a full understanding of the effects created by our choices (mostly good).  Functional products should be part of how we eat – not the only way we eat – there really are no shortcuts on the road to THPL. 

Loving Life, this time by feeding my mind, body and spirit