Game Changer


THPL….Life, Learning, Fitness……All great topics to talk about, to write about and to think about.  But what might actually be the biggest enabler of all is the ability to see high performance in action.  Yes, there are indeed many ways to see high performance but the one, that most recently, trumps all is to use the GoPro camera to capture the moment.  Founded by Nick Woodman in 2002, GoPro has just about revolutionized adventure sports by allowing athletes to capture and share their experiences with others.  It is hard to be part of THPL and not have seen a video shot by a GoPro.  Wearable, gear mountable, water proof, the GoPro camera extends to reach your imagination and captures moments that would ordinarily be trapped only in your memory. 

THPL has been, for many of us, a journey of learning, of experiences made not given, of successes and failures.  To have a camera like a GoPro along the way allows you to review and critique, or watch and admire, or setup and capture.  Each method is as important, in use, as the other, the GoPro is a true enabler of THPL. 

And if all you are looking for is some downright amazing inspiration then check out their web site, go to YouTube and subscribe to the GoPro camera, or look at their GoPro photo of the day.  Either way, you will be jazzed up looking at the footage shot by other GoPro camera users.  It is indeed really awesome stuff.

Loving life with a GoPro strapped to my head



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Happy shredding day! by Jeremy JANIN