Continuing on our recent theme of identifying days that are representative of a theme, an event, or a commemoration of some sort, it turns out that October 2nd is a “Life” day on the THPL journey.  October 2nd is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and it is also called the International Day of Non-violence.   It is a day when countries and people around the world disseminate the ideas of non-violence and support causes and events that carry this message.

What I find amazing is that a man born in 1869 can have such a lasting impact on society.  He has amazing brand recognition and he is a true role model showing how mass mobilization and non-violent action can bring about social change.  How is it that his way is so widely known?  What is it about what he did and stood for that made it so easy for (him and) us to spread knowledge about him in a viral way? 

I suggest that the brand recognition comes from the consistency of his way and the simplicity of his message.  It is clear he was 100% committed to his mission. He took risks and never wavered.  He challenged convention and in so doing did what we all know needs to be done but we rarely do. Ultimately, his work (and mission) was to transform society using the belief that the goodness of human nature trumps all.  Profound in its simplicity and impact.

We are fortunate for what he did and for the way he carried himself. When looking for a role model for how to live there are few who are better examples.  The hope is that we can find our own reasons to be inspired by Gandhi and to take on some form of social change that trumps what popular culture is promoting all around us.  With our THPL community, and our value system, it seems likely that we can, in our own way, do much of what he did.  Our focus is on Life, Learning and Fitness – for today let’s think about how that contributes to the foundation belief that the goodness of human nature does trump all and that we can improve far beyond what we can touch directly.

Loving life and a commitment to non-violent change



Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc