Gary Player

For some in our THPL community I am sure his name is quite familiar.  Gary Player is one of the greatest golfers of all time. He was at his golfing prime in the era of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer and he still exceeded expectations again and again.  Gary,  a South African native accumulated an impressive nine major championships and won 165 tournaments around the world over six decades.  In researching his life it is clear that he epitomizes THPL and he is a role model for how to take Life, Learning and Fitness to the next level.  According to his website he has logged more than 15 million air miles, more than any other athlete, he is nicknamed Mr. Fitness and he operates the Player Foundation which has a primary goal of promoting underprivileged education around the world.  Clearly he knows a lot about THPL.

At the age of 77, as you can read in the bleacher report link below, he is still as fit as ever and is showing the world that you can remain strong of mind, body and soul for as long as you so desire.  It is great to see his example of how to live and in so doing he  provides all of us in THPL community a goal to strive for –  that is you can be fully functioning and powerful in every year of your life if you so choose.  It is that simple, make THPL important and it continues apace.  Enjoy the article and the video.

Loving life having found more people who are living THPL