Gear Matters

 As we transition from winter to spring it is a good time to think about how our clothing needs for our THPL athletic activities and endeavors change.  And after the winter most of us just went through I am sure we are all happy to ditch the long sleeves, coats and hats and pull out the short sleeves and water bottles.  Performance athletic apparel is designed with high end, technical features so that you can stay nice and comfortable as the days get warmer during your favorite activity.  
What is really amazing is that by evolving from cotton t-shirts to the truly technical fabrics and optimized designs we set ourselves up for better performance as we are better able to let heat to escape and cooling to happen - which allows our muscles to perform at maximum effectiveness.  Even on a coolish day we should dress for at least 10-15 degrees warmer than the expected ambient temperature.  You will generate enough body heat quickly and feel quite comfortable by making the right clothing selection. One other thought - it really is fun to go and buy new gear - it can even be a motivator to get out and do more, make the activity fun - you might find yourself out there more often as a result and we know that frequency is the best way to get maximum benefit from exercise.   So get outside in your favorite performance apparel and you’ll never want to run in that old tee shirt again. 
Loving life while running in my tech tee!