Depending on how you count it we have three or four days till Thanksgiving.  We all know that Thanksgiving is a great day for family, for tradition and I would add for reflection…. this is the first year when we can explicitly think about our THPL journey, all that we have accomplished, all that we have shared and all that we have learned.   And while this topic might be best posted on Thursday it struck me that with a bit of pre-planning that all members of the THPL community could rally together to do something that would be in keeping with the theme of THPL.  We could do something that goes one step further than normal that brings to life our desire for high performance but this time the act would not be focused on us but rather others of need.  What we would do is to collectively deliver on a set of random acts of generosity, that when threaded loosely together sets a foundation for good will and all of the benefits that flow from generosity. 

Generosity is all about giving to someone else with nothing expected in return.  What an amazing gift it is that we have the ability to even consider giving to others.  I would postulate that many, if not all of us, enter Thanksgiving with no real needs to be satisfied, that we live in a world of abundance, and that we should take a moment to think about how we can share more actively, and how we can fill the need basket for others and make the day a real day for giving.   So, with a few days’ notice let’s see what we can do to make Thanksgiving 2013 into a true day to remember. 

Loving life and hoping the same for others