Maybe the single most enduring part of THPL is that which we learn.  We carry our learning with us everywhere we go and through every stage or our lives.  And there are so many opportunities for us to learn we owe it to ourselves to put a bit of extra effort into what we do and what we see so that we can get a better and a richer understanding of what we are seeing or experiencing.  The past week we have had an opportunity to learn about the World Cup, the rules, the teams, the host city and so much more.  It struck me that of the countries playing in the World Cup I know very little and thought it would be good to see if I could learn a little more about some of the countries.  As I watched some of the game between Germany and Ghana, I did a quick scan and found out the following information relating to Ghana.

  • Population around 24 million, Ghana means Warrior King
  • GDP - ~$3,400 per capita
  • Ghana is a significant producer of petroleum and natural gas and one of the largest gold and diamond producers and projected to the be the largest producer of cocoa in 2015
  • Ghana is a constitutional democracy located on the West of Africa a few degrees north of the equator
  • In 1957 it became the first African nation to declare independence from European colonization

There is so much more to learn about Ghana or any of the other countries playing in the World Cup.  Our THPL mission spans far and wide and I think that a reminder of the scope of what we are part of is a key part of why we know that we have to get smarter and better every day and we can only do that with a bit of extra effort.   Maybe you can do a bit of research on another World Cup participating country – or maybe even just Brazil?  Regardless of the choice learning is our life blood  - the only responsibility we have is to be active in learning and make it so every day

Loving life, because I know more today than I did yesterday.