Giro d’Italia - Day 1

The first of the three grand tours in cycling started today. The Giro d’Italia, a three-week stage race that traverses the roads and mountains of Italy (actually the first three days are in Ireland this year).   Over the course of three weeks they will ride three time trials, and nine mountain top finishes plus eight stages that will be suited for the sprinters.  It is a fascinating combination of different forms of riding challenges.  And it takes a special person to endure the miles, mountains and the speed to stay with the pack.  And when you spend three weeks in the Spring riding in the elements (it is still winter in the Dolomites) it makes this race even tougher.  When we talk about THPL these guys are role models.  They push to the limit every day; they focus on just one goal, and they sacrifice all for the win (and wearing the pink jersey – the same idea as the yellow jersey at the Tour de France). Having ridden in the Dolomites a few times I can tell you that the climbs are wicked hard and make for a very interesting three weeks or racing.  If you have a minute check them out – online or on the TV you can see what the riding version of THPL looks like.  Enjoy and vai, vai vai (go, go, go)

Loving life riding in the Dolomites