When you think about THPL one of the common themes is that of exploring.  Exploring can apply to any topic in the areas of Life, Learning and Fitness. And for sure, as we enter the summer it is a great time to get out and do some exploring.  With that in mind I thought it would be fun to check in on one of the more recent trends for outdoor enthusiasts.  It is called “glamping”.  Yea, glamping – defined as glamorous camping.  No tents to pitch, fires to build or sleeping bags required.  You travel to a “wilderness” location and pretty much the “structural” part of camping is taken care of for you.  You are out on the land for sure, no concrete around, you just don’t sleep on the ground.  Glamping locations provide an array of choices, a hut, treehouse, yurt, airstream or some version of an upscale tent.  You get the experience of the great outdoors and can still be “pampered” with great meals and a wide array of activities.  And while there are quite a few true campers in the THPL community we like the idea that we can find a way to provide an outdoors experience and the positive aspects of camping without the uncomfortable parts of a camping trip.  So bring your THPL mindset with you and see what you find as you venture into this “new age” outdoor experience.

Loving life, while figuring out how I can go glamping soon!