Greek Yogurt

The nutritional profile of the new Greek yogurts is great – high protein, low sugar, and natural ingredients.  A great food category to eat on the THPL journey.  And in the world that we live in of over-processed foods we need more options that, even though they are packaged foods, they are good for us to eat.  And with the growth of this category of yogurt it might be that we have made the move from yogurt as “dessert food” to yogurt as a health food.  

So, how about a quick summary of how we got here.  Industrial production of yogurt began in Europe in 1919.  Made it to the U.S. in 1942 in the Bronx under the name Dannon.  In 1953 they introduced vanilla yogurt and it had become a completely Americanized product.  In the mid-seventies we added more sugar and made the product just easy to eat.  With the aura that the product was a health food, consumption grew five times from 1980 to 2005.   The lowest moment in yogurts history was when Yoplait introduced Go-Gurt, colored electric blue and packaged it in tubes and the connection to healthy foods was fading.  The category continued to be over processed and over packaged and then a “sort of” miracle happened when Hamdi Ulukaya, from Turkey (in one of the most amazing business stories of the past few decades) launched Chobani in 2008 and since then the Greek yogurt has re-claimed the category and you can actually get wholesome, natural, nutritional yogurt that fits an active lifestyle. 

There are many great THPL lessons in this story that it seems it was written around the idea of THPL.  Life, in this case making choices to do things better and differently - we can now choose without compromise. Learning, there is knowledge and insight the world around that we can tap into to do things with the same effort and get better results.  And it is easy to see the Fitness element because if you put in the time to get more fit you need more protein and this is just a great (and tasty) source to fuel your THPL build.  

Through all of this, though, we know, we are far from perfect. There are parts of the story that we know can get better, the focus on hormone free milk (for example) but with new and better choices we are at least, for now, enabled by an improving food profile that we can enjoy and benefit from.

Loving life, yogurt in hand!