Green Carts

 We all know that the “fourth” element of the THPL lifestyle is nutrition.  It is not explicitly called out as it is foundational to Life, Learning and Fitness – but – when it is ignored and not considered, practiced and “perfected” then we put at risk out ability to perform better and better at whatever it is we choose to focus on.   Sadly, good nutrition is becoming more and more of a risk – yes, there is Whole Foods and lots of public information about better nutrition but the data tells another story.  Obesity is at epidemic levels and processed foods are the primary source of calories (and lack of nutrition) in the American diet.  Think of the following, in NYC, 40+% of school children from kindergarten through eighth grade are overweight or obese. 

All hope, though is not lost, about eight years ago a group was formed, in NY,called Green Carts.  Green Carts are mobile food carts that sell only fresh fruits and vegetables in NY City neighborhoods that have been called “food deserts”.  Incredible progress has been made, today, for example, 200 Green Carts operate in the Bronx offering cheaper prices for fruits and vegetables than the local bodegas.  As a result, not only are residents eating better — 71 percent report eating more fruits and vegetables — and they also have new job opportunities due to the ease of becoming a Green Cart vendor.   While we still have a long way to go to making good nutrition a “right” not a “privilege” this is a great example of THPL themes that extend beyond our small community.  Let’s think about how we take this example and do our part for improving nutrition in all corners of our life and the lives around us.  Only goodness can come of it!

 Loving life when eating properly.