Harmony and Communications

For THPL to come to life there are a few basic underlying assumptions.  First, you need to be performing at your own “high” level – this requires you to play out the “practice it, plan it, do it” part of the model.  Second, you need to be part of a vibrant community that supports you and challenges you to do more than you might otherwise. Thirdly, you need harmony in your life so that you can use all of your energy to good purpose. And for today I thought a bit of focus on “harmony” would be good.  Harmony - a pleasing arrangement of parts that produces a feeling of inner tranquility.  Seems to me a very desirous place to be and one that unfortunately is illusive in the busy and time starved lives we live.  For purposes of practicality I offer the follow approach to bring harmony to your life and the resulting elevated level of THPL. 

Much of the issues we have in our lives relate to the interpersonal goings on in our day to day interactions.  And if we are honest most of the issues are caused by us – not the other person (although we would like to think that).  If we look sincerely at the issues we have, we can see that we might have prejudged the situation, assumed the other person wanted to annoy us, or we just misunderstood the intent.  In any of these cases we come to these conclusions because we have decided not to put the effort into “understanding”; rather we are “judging” and we know this one sided view creates havoc most of the time.  So, how about if we start with the premise that – our “friend’ has no bad intent, that we need to seek to understand and that open communication is the cure.  What might happen if we did this?  I offer, having tested this many a time,  that the issues fades away, that there is no confrontation and that in fact the moment passes and all negative energy is dissipated and positive energy fills the void.  Harmony is now active and THPL can / will be enabled and ready for even higher performance. 

Yes, it is easy to write this and hard(er) to implement.  But we need not get it right every time – we just need to make a sincere effort, to find some situations that we can put in the “win” column and to do it with increasing frequency.  THPL then takes over, and we are all better for it. 

Loving Life, in harmony, for sure