Health and Wellness

When I was growing up the topic of Health and Wellness was rarely discussed.  I think our view was that we took care of our health by playing outside for as long as possible, often needing to be called in for dinner.  And as the years have gone by and we have gotten smarter about what it means to live a healthy life we are no longer able to just “plan outside” to stay well .  In fact with the move to being digital and to a life of a “thousand conveniences” we are challenged as never before to make Health and Wellness an important part of how we live, play and work. 

Knowing of the challenges that we face in our time starved lives we (at PennFoster) have embraced the idea that June is National Employee Wellness Month and we will be conducting programs, events and communications aimed at helping each and every one of us to live a healthy and more powerful life.  And while there are so many changes that can be made, to improve our health and wellness, I thought I would start with three that THPL community believe really help build a more powerful “you”

First and foremost how you start the day is critical and it starts with eating the right kind of breakfast.  Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast including some natural fiber and protein with whole-grain bread or cereal can improve your mood, improve your memory, and give you more energy for the entire day

Even a short does of daily exercise is good for your head and your heart. While it may seem as if moving about when you feel tired is the quickest way to feeling more tired, the opposite is the case. I know that when I stay true to THPL life style and I am active every day it increases my energy levels and makes me more capable of taking on the daily stresses that come my way.

Bringing a positive, can do, attitude to life is as important as eating right and exercising.   There are many days that just how you choose to think about a situation can improve your health and well-being. Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignoring bad situations. It just means that you look at things in a more positive way and therefore end up with a better result. 

This is just a start; we (PennFoster and THPL) will continue to be active in providing more and more information and activities that contribute to readers and employees making June into a real Health Month and then the start of 12 more like it to come

Loving life, when healthy, for sure