Heat Wave

Are you feeling it?  Getting used to it?  90+ degrees, what can we do?  It is a good summer heat – got to love it – embrace it and enjoy it.  Before we know it we will be at the other extreme and our thoughts will be wanting for warm days again.  So, why is it that there are more objections and complaints than appreciation for this kind of weather?  What is about the weather, in general, that drives most everyone to be unsatisfied?  Too hot, too cold, too much rain, etc.   Is there a day that we like?  Or maybe just a perfect moment?   Can we make it a goal to love the weather for 365 days – each day even though we know there will be lots of variability?

THPL contemplates a lot of different aspects of how we live and we do so with the goal of higher and higher levels of performance.  So can we challenge ourselves to embrace rather than fight that which we have little control over?  The goal then would be to enjoy it for what it is and use it to extend and improve, minimally your fitness and performance level or maybe even your life view.  We know that the body adapts so wonderfully when training is done in more extreme conditions.  And so this is the time to do it. 

I dare say that the alternative is to live in the bubble life – air conditioning everywhere, the car, the office, the house, the store – we can go for long periods of time without outside air.  Not sure this is a good thing.  I am convinced that we need to embrace that which is natural, that which we live with and is integral to the natural part of life.  Once we do this we will be operating at a different level of THPL.  Positive energy flowing and good feelings all around – hot or cold we can have it this way if we want to.  Here’s to heat waves and having fun enjoying them

Loving life, in the heat, or course