Helping Others

We are a few days from Christmas and much of our focus is on the seasonal aspect of the holiday, which is very nice but not enough.  We have to make an effort to focus on doing nice deeds for others, with no obligation or expectation for return.  Caroling, gift giving, cookie sharing, are just some ways that we help each other, think about each other, take care of each other.  They come naturally to some and are work for others but either way it is important to make the result the same – we help others.

It is important, though, to remind ourselves that the topic of helping others in not seasonal.  it might get more attention at this time of the year but as we go up and down and around on our THPL journey we have to make sure we seize on the ample opportunity we have to help others. 

The good news is that it does not have to just be about the traditional ways of helping, like volunteering at the local church or giving money to charity.  Rather it can be about committing yourself to helping, coaching, supporting others as a core raison d’être (reason to be).  While easy to say it can at time be hard to do as it takes a selfless approach such that your giving is done in a way that is empowering to the receiver.  Your help is about encouraging them to do more to take on challenges to improve themselves.  It is not about telling them what to do.  It is about showing and supporting. The best help is when there is no obligation felt on either side.  We want to give and they want to receive.  It is not about “charity” it is about making a human connection.  And when we do this our version of THPL goes up to new level of performance and so does theirs, yes indeed.

Loving life while helping others



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