Hidden Miracles

It seems like we live in a world of the “reprise” – there is the Superman series, Batman series and many, many more like this.  We also follow suit with THPL in that we do repeats a LOT – we run marathons over and over and we practice skills like guitar again and again so that we can get better and better at them.  So, it would seem only fitting that TED talks do the same. They bring back some of the best for a redux and in many cases they do a great job of finding those speakers who have such an amazing story or amazing perspective that you can hear from them again and again. In this case Louie Schwartzberg is back for a second talk and this time he looks for what he calls Hidden Miracles.  It is a world of useable beauty that is imperceptible to the human eye.  But Louie has found a way to bring it to us.  He does it with high speed cameras, time lapses and microscopes.  In this video he brings his latest project a 3D film title “Mysteries of the Unseen World”.  It should make all of us wonder what really is around us that we do not see.  Do we just have to look harder, or deeper, to find these kinds of miracles that are of our world….


Loving life and hidden miracles