High performance


So, when does our view of high performance start?  Is it in high school? After?  When we start working? Some other time?  And so why the question now?  It is quite simple – today I had the privilege of spending a few hours with 10 eighth grade students talking to them about school, learning, collaboration and fun.  It was one of the more remarkable sessions I have been at in quite some time.  I was struck by their enthusiasm, maturity, common sense, collaborative nature, competitive spirit and a willingness (I might say need) to laugh and have fun.  What was fascinating was to see and hear their level of thinking.  For example, they truly understood that the best way to learn was using an integrated model of teacher, peer and self.  Well how about that?

And so it made me pause.  They appeared to love to learn, to have fun, to work together, to drive to high performance (taking 10th grade geometry in 8th grade being one indicator) and to want to do more.  Why, then do most kids lose this passion and love for learning and life?  So, what happens to these kids over the next twenty years?  Why is it that we will need to introduce THPL to them later on in life – are they not living it actively today?  Seems to me they are.  And so then could it be that we (inadvertently) took away their love for life and learning at some point?   And then one day they realize it (as an adult) and they decide to join the THPL community to get it back.  Seems we might be able to do something about this…… Let’s start by listening and then keeping your version of THPL vibrant and alive.  We will all be better for it.

Loving life when listening to eighth graders.