High Performance Achieved

There are many ways to get to high performance and when you look at some of the records that are attained, in a variety of disciplines, you can sometimes see it happening and other times you just wonder how anyone conceived of or delivered on a level of high performance of remarkable note.  Once recent example of ultra-high performance was put up by Guy Martin who pedaled his way to 112mph to set a new British cycle speed record.  Now there is no way to pedal a standard bike to 112 mph.  It takes quite a few modifications and a lot of “guts” to get there. 

Amongst the modifications used to get to the 112mph the following had the biggest impact.  First Guy would need to ride behind a pacing truck.  The bike required a custom compound gear system, avoiding a single enormous front chain ring. Martin needed to use Continental Top Contact 50mm for stability.  And had a tow bar welded to the head tube that contained a mechanism to release a cable attached to the pacing truck at 50mph.  All of this still required a rather bold guy willing to put it all on the line and to pedal at this speed.   At 112mph, Martin’s cadence was 97rpm, and the wheel was spinning at 1,460rpm.

For all THPL community members we can see, through Guy’s performance that high performance is achievable, at any level as long as you think about how to get there.  You just need to break down how you can make the “improbable”….possible and then set out to do it.  It takes creativity, determination, and then execution to get there but as Guy showed, it is indeed possible to take it to the next level, next level indeed.   

Loving life while going very fast!