High Performance Day

On the way to THPL, every once in a while you need to take a check point relating to progress made, lessons learned,  and things left  to do.  You can make this check point happen in many ways.  You can do this with a scorecard, you can talk to your coach, you can discuss progress with your friends or you can observe what is going on around you and from that you can get a real sense of progress.  And not just your own progress but that of your co-workers and friends.  Today many of us got the chance to do this as we conducted our first ever High Performance Day at Penn Foster. 

When many of us we started down the path towards THPL we did it mostly alone and mostly met by skepticism from others.  Even though there were a few times when some uttered a few choice remarks about our mission we remained committed to the vision of THPL and we pressed forward.  Which is how we got to today.  Thanks go out to a small group of dedicated THPL folk who wanted others to feel the energy of this lifestyle – what they did was to organize the High Performance Day across two of our locations and amazing things came of it. 

It was a day focused on Life, Learning and Fitness (yes with work in-between).  It was a day to take a moment to get exposed to new ideas, approaches and suggestions that would contribute to THPL.  The extended team was able to try different foods and activities and hear from experts In areas of Life, Learning and Fitness – and it was all done in a risk free environment.  It showed all of us what our peers are interested in and it laid the groundwork for what could be next for everyone.

The really cool part is that the shared experience of the day took high performance to another level.  Today, then, really became all about the collective participation in THPL.  No one was left out and, in fact, it became clear that Life is enabled by learning and fitness  - and once we decide we want to do more and we no longer want to be passive it gets even better.  You can indeed give to others and today our PF team did just that – they volunteered and in so doing helped others who need it.  By putting time in to the event they created confidence in others and all then were able to share in the enthusiasm of the journey towards THPL

And so it is – while no single day makes a lifetime it does set the trajectory and the momentum.  And today they were both pointed in the direction of THPL!

What would a great day like this be without a few pushups – Sally at 3:26+ 20 seconds, + 230 pushups on the 4:17 song.

Loving Life and Living THPL