Hill Repeats

What could be more exciting than riding your bike up-hill?  Riding it up the same hill over and over again – yes, that is the answer.  Hill repeats, suicide sprints, 400 yard intervals, you name it – the common attribute is hard and short, with an all-out effort, a rest period (short) and then you repeat it.  The repeats hurt so much they become addicting – you seek out the pain because you know it is helping  - the recovery periods are great but they feel like they get shorter after each interval – yet you don’t extend – that is not how intervals work.  No fear allowed in and no thinking to speak of.  You just go for it.  Once a week.  Maybe twice if you are in a big build phase.  Otherwise, once will do it.  To make sure it works you have to know how many intervals you are going to complete before you start – will it be… Five?  Ten?  Twenty?  Whatever it is you decide before you start.  The last thing you would want to do is to think about “should this be the last one”?  No negotiating, you end on the goal – 5-10-20 – you end after the last one. 

THPL loves this kind of activity.  It thrives on it.  Why?  Because it does more than just build physical strength – it builds mental strength.  Most everyone who is a student of high performance, in any aerobic activity, knows that interval training is the best for catalyzing metabolic changes – the intensity of the activity (which intervals and hills provide) forces the body to react and build new capabilities so that the next time you were to encounter such a challenge you would be ready (to be clear it takes repeated days of intervals over weeks and months to get a full improvement) for it.  And so we look forward to the hill repeat because it is truly worth it.  Welcome to THPL and the path to improvement

Loving life riding uphill again and again.