How Far Will You Go?

Athletic performance is one aspect of THPL that is the easy to measure.  We have seconds, beats per minute, lactate threshold, power and many, many other ways to measure our absolute and relative performance.  What has been lacking though is certainty as to which set of techniques help to improve performance with the most reliability.  Then I stumbled across this stat:

"The record has shown that since 1968, 95% of all Olympic and World Championship medals from the 800 meter race through the Marathon were won by athletes who lived or trained at altitude. It can therefore be concluded that altitude training is necessary for success in endurance events."

As it turns out most, if not all of us, cannot train at altitude, yes, sad but true  - interestingly though there is another option for you to be able to improve your endurance, especially if you are training for a “big” race.   The option is to sleep in a hypoxic tent.  One that simulates altitudes up to 12,000 feet.  And yes, while this suggestion might seem a bit extreme  - consider how much time and money you put into racing, buying gear and/or traveling to a race.  Given this perspective you might consider this approach and rent a Hypoxico sleep systems so that you can simulate training at high altitude while sleeping.  Cost is about $200 per week and while it is not the most romantic setting it does work.  And so if you are ready to go for it – to put up a personal best it probably is good to know what is possible and to seriously consider it.

And if you are really curious you can check out a few options at

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