How Much Can You Do In a Day?

I have been toying around this year between running a lot, biking long distances, pushups, pull-ups and a whole host of other exercises.  And in my idle times, waiting at red lights, I have been thinking about which one is harder, which exercise can I do more of (on a relative basis) and which one’s do I Iike better than the others.

I also realized that I am coming up to the half-way time of 2013 and that while I have a lot of great events and activities planned I do not have any truly new challenge, something that is sort of ridiculous and different.  Oh, yea, and BTW - coming up is my favorite day of the year – the summer solstice (June 21) - the day that we have the most sunlight in the northern hemisphere.  We proverbially call it – the longest day. 

Then it hit me – instead of a flash mob, instead of a Harlem Shake – what if we created the Max / Max day? 

Here is the idea and the plan.  On June 21 we have the Summer Solstice – since it is on a Friday and this challenge will be so much better on a Saturday we will take poetic license and extend the Solstice to Saturday June 22.  So, on June 22we will execute on the Max / Max challenge day.

For all of you who are up to the challenge, here it is – you have 24 hours to do the most XX that you can in any exercise discipline that you choose. It can be any of these:

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Situps
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Other 
  • You pick it…

You can start as early as midnight and finish by 11 :59 pm.  Keep track of your activities on some sort of log throughout the day and at some point in one set of your activity, I would like you to film yourself – no more than 30 seconds required.  When all is done please send me your activity, the total repetitions or distance and a copy of the video to

You have 17 days to select your activity and to prepare.  You can recruit as many friends that you want to participate – the more the better.  We want the Max / Max to be a remarkable day – a day that when we exceed whatever goal we set for ourselves.  Where we find out for certain that we are more powerful that ever imagined and that THPL is alive inside each of us.

In this virtual world, I have no idea who else will be participating or not – you can count on one person doing it – ME.  I will tell you on the 21st what I am going for. 

Good luck and let the power of THPL drive you forward to a great Max / Max day!

Loving life so much more today