How to Be Leader

It has been a few days since CVS announced its decision to stop selling tobacco products by October of 2014 and I am still over the top excited. As a committed member of the THPL community a more meaningful announcement I have not heard in a long time. It took a strong conviction towards its mission of helping customers to do a better and better job of caring of their own health when it made this announcement.  And it also shows that traditional reasons, in this case $2B of annual revenue, for not making a change can be overcome and conquered.

Let’s for a moment think about how THPL becomes a broader platform for how we all live.  Assuming we can get this to be more than just a dream there needs to be support in the broader commercial world that we live in and if companies like CVS can play an increasing role in providing for consumers’ broader health needs by taking an action to ban cigarettes then they can provide other services and advice for how customers can do a better job caring for their own health -  then life will be very good for all of us.  With this inspiration we can all now think about how bold we can be in our mission to make THPL the way for so many, many people.

Loving life with no smoke anywhere in sight.