The THPL journey can give you opportunities to deliver better and better performance across all dimensions of Life, Learning and Fitness.  With a life of focus on each of these elements, and of how to live an evolved life, it would be possible, and maybe even likely, that your performance would be better than many others, including people you know and others you have not met.  And so there is a moment along the journey when you need to think about how you are going to internalize (and externalize) your accomplishments.  Thus it is important to take a moment to reflect on the choices one has to make. 

It is really good for each of us to be proud of what we do and what we have accomplished but in the context of the broader population that we live in our performance needs to be put into perspective.  And with a little reflection it seems that the best of the THPL practitioners have another key attribute to complement their high performance and that is they are often humble.  Respectful, modest, even deferential, some of the best performers think of their accomplishments not as a method to “better” their peers – rather they see it as an example of how a strong commitment and focused application of skills can turn into results.  The thought of boasting or bragging is anathema to them and they want to not only be humble but to be seen as humble as well.  The challenge of THPL crosses many elements of our persona and our thinking and the more we are active about it and reflect on how to live, the better we are, and the better the community we are members of becomes.  And when we do all of this with humility, and confidence, everyone stands a chance of being better than before.

Loving life and all the humble people I know