For anyone who has been at the THPL journey for quite some time it is quite likely that you have run into a few people who are prone to hyperbole.  You know them – it seems that every race or event that they attend brings with it a need to exaggerate how well their results were.  And while for the most part we know what they state is not completely true, it feels better to not have to put on a hyperbole “filter” just to listen in.  And so why is it that some feel compelled to exaggerate to such a level?  Is it because on the THPL journey there are many opportunities where the individual might feel that a bit of exaggeration would serve to impress a fellow athlete, competitor, or fan?  But since high performance can be both relative and absolute it would seem it best to let the numbers talk for themselves, right?

And so then therein lies the opportunity to avoid using hyperbole and instead be humble about results.  People, friends and even “enemies” recognize and respect great performance.  We can celebrate - and we should - when we have a great performance, but we need not rely on the hyperbolic effect to garner the respect that our results already earn us.

For example, I have a team that I work with at PF who is performing at such a high level that records are being broken and challenged.  They are having so much fun delivering on their amazing results that they would not think to bring undue attention to their remarkable contribution.  They know in their hearts that the people who matter – their friends, colleagues, leadership and teammates - all recognize their amazing results.  And they also know that the game is just starting…..the THPL journey is in its early stages, the sky is the limit, and true results trump hyperbole every day!

Loving life watching great performances being played out