I am Thankful For

If you are in the THPL community you most likely have a lot to be thankful for. This is truly a wonderful place to be in one’s life. And so what better way to go into our favorite holiday than being thankful for all that we have.  So, I thought it only appropriate to start a list of what to be thankful for – I am sure we could collectively create a really long list and it would be appropriate to do so and then to celebrate it.  Here is a Thanksgiving Day suggestion – bring your list with you to Thanksgiving dinner.  Start your dinner reading your list and then ask your guests to add to the list.  A truly thoughtful way to start Thanksgiving.  Here is the beginning of the list– Yes, it is great to take a moment to be thankful for all we have including:

  • Our health
  • Our family and friends
  • Life and Love
  • Being able to laugh
  • The ability to give to others
  • For the innocence of children and the hope it shows
  • The sun and it life sustaining force
  • The thoughts and ideas of others
  • Role models
  • Awesome values
  • Just having fun
  • And so much, much more……

I take strength for being at this wonderful dinner with others of good fortune.

Loving life and being thankful every day