I Get Knocked Down


It would seem improbable that on your THPL journey that you do not get knocked down at least once if not more than a few times.  Seems sort of logical that this would happen as you, like any good THPL follower, are pushing yourself hard and when you do so, you run the risk that you are not ready for the speed, the pace, the obstacles that you may encounter on your journey.  And so you take a fall – sometimes hard other times easy.  Either way you find yourself on the “ground” wondering how did I get here?  Now you might think this if a fitness related blog and for sure there are many an instance when you will “hit the deck” when exercising.  But more than anything the real question posed herein applies to all of Life.  So, what do you do when you are knocked down?  How do you respond when you are pushed off your appointed path and plan?  Do you adjust, do you respond well?

I would offer that each of us have reacted differently based on the situation.  This is real.  But we can do better each time – we can anticipate the “knock down” and stay on our feet better.  We can avoid the knock down completely with better preparation.  And when all else fails, we stand ready to dust ourselves off, stand up, and get going again. 

There is a rare instance when, after a knockdown, that you are not capable of proceeding forward.  You just have to want to keep going, you need to find getting back up as satisfying as any moment that you will encounter on your THPL journey.  It is the moment when we get to define ourselves, to show who we are and what we are made of.  Yes, I do get knocked down but you can never keep me down…..  It is the way that I want the story to be written.  How about you?

Loving life every time I get back up again