I think it is time for a Pep Talk!  

Have you seen the video on YouTube??  8 million + views in two weeks.  What is going on?  Why the interest?  Is the kid that cute?  Or is it that the message is right on?  A little of both?  Well, here are my thoughts:  Yes, we all need a Pep Talk from time to time.  They feel good and we never grow tired of them.  They are genuine and motivating.    A Pep Talk is that enthusiastic talk that makes us feel better about who we are, increases our confidence and makes us realize that we are actually part of something bigger and better.  Most of all, though, it reminds us that someone cares about us enough to put their heart and soul into delivering to us an important message.  What better gift can someone give than a Pep Talk?  What’s not to like?  We are reminded of why we are on the mission,  and why we are doing what we are doing,  and why should we keep trying - cause when we do we find an  alignment of people and interests.  Seems to me that if pep talks happened more frequently we would all be better for it.  Think about the last time someone gave you a pep talk.  I will bet anything that you will remember it.  I bet you will also remember how much you did better after the pep talk.  I suggest then, that you think about how you can both deliver a pep talk to the people to whom you are connected to and be a willing and appreciative recipient of a pep talk when it comes your way.  You sincerity in either role will determine the benefit that is derived from the pep talk.  So, are you ready?  For a Pep Talk????

You guys are awesome!  You are a special group and I am privileged to get the chance to write to you each day and honored if you do indeed read what I write.  Since we have been together you have diligently worked to change you habits, improve your lives and the lives of those around you and to recruit others to do so as well.  You collectively have defined a spirit that is uplifting and viral living proof that we can fall in love with life again and again.  Keep up the great work, stay the course, keep the mission alive.  And to quote my buddy from the video –“this is your time, this is my time, this is our time”.  It is indeed our moment let’s seize it for all its worth.  I am loving life – are you ?

Day something – kept my date with Sally – finished it – or it finished me, not sure – pushup thing worked good – 177 in 4:17 minutes – only need 80 more to get to the goal (LOL).  That is too funny.

You boys and girls rock!

Game on!