I Want To Be

Yes, we all want a high performance life, and yes it is a journey and one that we all, I believe, are growing to appreciate and depend on.  And along the way we have explored, together, that for a goal to become a reality the journey needs a destination.  The destination allows us to stay focused, to measure progress and to get to the goal.  And it is with this perspective that we venture into a dimension of the Life element that needs all of our focus to be able to bring THPL up on a broader level.  The need to protect our planet is foundational to THPL.  And there are many ways that we can and should do this.  

The most obvious is by respecting and valuing our scarce resources and how we use them and the role that recycling, reusing, and reducing the materials we need plays into our everyday THPL life.  And if it is indeed so clear that we need to do this then why such a struggle to get broad scale, or even local, or individual support for the cause?  Yes, we need more training and awareness.  But if we are to get the idea to be stickier we probable need an evolved approach.  Might it help if we knew what happened to the products we recycled? Could it be that you might make a more concerted effort to get that plastic bottle to the recycling bin if you knew that it was destined to be used to make a park bench?   So, how about this – carry this thought around with you and share it with others - the mantra is “I Want To Be”, every product, everything we use lives to the “I Want To Be” mantra, It takes little time and modest buy-in but when we get both we can have big impact if done broadly.   So, as a starter here are a sample of the destinations that our recycled products can end up on when following “our journey needs a purpose:

  • I am a plastic bottle and I want to be a bench
  • I am a glass bottle and I want to be a food jar
  • I am an aluminum can and I want to be pet food can
  • I am a scrap tire and want to be synthetic turf

You can research the myriad of destinations for the products you recycle at I Want to Be Recycled.  And hopefully you are inspired by what you learn there. 

There is so much to learn and think about relating to taking care of the earth and giving back to the community you live and work in.  And on your THPL journey this is just one way for you to do that. There is no end to what we can each do to make our planet a better place for our neighbors, family and community, just start thinking and you will be well on your way to your version of THPL for the planet.

Loving life and wanting to become something else (maybe a recycled can)