If you just want to smile

With the focus of THPL on improving our circumstance in Life and Learning we often turn to our “go to” sources for ways to get inspired and motivated, in the past we have relied on TED videos as the key source of content here.  And while many, if not all of the TED topics are “big” topics, and some highlight great talents, they rarely combine pure talent, personality, fun and humor.  So, on this post I highlight a video that seems to have hit on all of these attributes.  It is a video of a child prodigy filmed on the Ellen show.  The connection to us on our THPL journey is that it is good to remind ourselves that you can indeed be the most talented in your chosen field and you can still have a boyish enthusiasm for life; you can be happy and have fun and be great at what you do; and you can show your emotion at a level that is captivating and compelling. 

And if nothing else you should at least find yourself smiling while watching this video.  Enjoy

Loving life and smiling for sure