In Person

Every day we have an opportunity to witness high performance – we just have to keep our eyes and mind open so that we can see what is happening around us.  Walking into the Inn at Pound Ridge last night for the first Saturday that they were open we were greeted by Jean George, owner and chef of the Inn and owner of at least 20 other restaurants around the world.  Arguably one of the worlds most recognized chefs he was there greeting every patron that came in the door – he escorted many to their table in between he ran to the kitchen to make sure all was going perfectly on opening night.  And perfect it was – why?  Simple – the man, the leader, the inspiration was there when it mattered most, on opening day.  He did not delegate, he did not choose to be anywhere else – he showed up on site, to make sure that everything he planned and conceived came out as it should.  It worked for sure and even better was that he was still at it when we left greeting, overseeing and shepherding to success. 

A life lesson for our THPL community – when you are given the chance to “build” something, whether large or small – make sure you are there when it matters, minimally for the opening but more than likely every day that it matters.  It was stated by a four star general recently, you cannot commute to the war.  Jean George found a way to do be there in person – each and every one of should do the same

Loving life and being there in person