THPL is all about the journey, yes, we need to remind ourselves of this so that we give ourselves the platform for building the habits and behaviors that we want and need to live what is THPL.  One habit that will serve us well it to look for that which is around us that will inspire us to do things better and differently and at a level that was not previously considered.


One example of a great / inspirational idea that actually inspired other great ideas is the Google 20 percent program that many of us have heard about.  It is an initiative where employees were encouraged to spend 20 percent of their time working on something company related, not in their current mission, that they were passionate about.  Google received incredible commercial benefit from this (with Gmail and other tools developed during this time) but more than that was the benefit of tapping into the massive capacity in the human brain to do more / to innovate.  

Following this model the Genius Hour movement was created and it is gaining real momentum.  In classrooms around the country students are empowered to use a set time each week to explore their passions during class time.  Kids have done amazing things during this time and creativity has been born again. 

The question / challenge for each of us, then, is how are we going to use our Genius Hour each week?  We certainly make time for a lot of development when we live the THPL, but more of it is traditional activities, not really focused on creativity and new.  How could we not take just one hour each week (out of 168) and dedicate it to a creative endeavor – dare to inspire – to do something different.  And if all of the THPL community did this imagine what the outcome could be!  I just get shaky thinking about it

Go find that Genius Hour – it will do your heart, mind and soul more good than you would ever imagine

Loving life with my new found genius hour.



Photo: Steve Fuller