Day two at the Giro d’Italia and the boys, spending three days in Northern Ireland,  had to ride in the rain for hours on end.  Rooster tails of water shooting them in the face, slick white lines to navigate, cold rain making even the hard men wear leg warmers and all I could do is to sit and be envious of them.  For having the dedication to train for such a race, to have the fortitude to press through and the grit to give it their all despite the conditions and the risks so ever present on a day like today. 

So when the dark storm clouds starting coming towards Katonah (my home town) I quickly donned my bike kit and headed outside to ride in the rain.  Along the way, I  found a few dirt roads muddy from the thunderstorms upon me and reveled in the moment when my sunglasses turned to mud-screens, and my tires slipped a bit on a sharp turn.  No, I wasn’t at the Giro today but I did feel a connection with the boys of cycling.  They are a rare breed of THPL competitors who make no excuses and perform regardless of the circumstance.  I hope for them that tomorrow brings sun and dry roads but if not I am sure they will be back out there and you can assume the same for me. 

Loving life any time I can get out and ride