Instant Gratification

We live in a culture that is more and more pushing the idea that we need something “now”.  Instant messages come flying at us when we need to know something.  GPS signals allow for tracking such that  offers can be made instantly when you walk near a store and express lanes are everywhere.  And there are times when speed is important but for the most part the THPL journey tells us that to develop, to build, to grow takes time and that it is not possible to rush progress.  If we want to get faster, stronger, or leaner we need to put in place a plan that takes us there in increments, and that each increment grows on the other building a sound and strong structure.  We can improve our performance, for certain, we just need to be a bit patient, we need to stick to the plan, we need to endure when most people quit and we have to stay till we reach our goal.  And then we do it again.  It is what the THPL life is – a series of goals, with plans, and great execution that delivers superior and sustainable results.

Loving life and the process to make it so