Is it right for me?

The journey of the THPL member is not a complicated one.  It takes a person of normal intellect and normal drive, and a reasonable targets to stay on the THPL track and to make progress towards the goal.  Yes, it does take a modest level of curiosity and a willingness to sustain moderate amounts of discomfort.  But none of these are at a level of “difficulty” that would, on the surface, provide a good explanation as to why more people do not actively pursue THPL.  And I thought it might shed some light on the question if we reflect on a simple statement that Thomas Aquinas, medieval philosopher made “If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.”  Might this explain why more have not chosen THPL as their journey?


It would appear then that so to properly assess the “why” we need to determine the motivation and the intent of the person (or our ourselves) before we can judge whether or not they are a good candidate for THPL.  Is it in you? Or are you indeed with a different motivation?  Is it to protect?  Or to grow?  Are you curious or are you worried about what might happen?  They are all good questions and the one’s that we need to answer for ourselves and also for others whom we know and see from afar, all of whom might want to be part of THPL but just do not know why. 

So, before we set on a new path we must consider from where we start and where we want to go.  Simple yes, impactful yes, exactly.  The key then is to use curiosity as the fire starter and life change as the sustainer.  And maybe we will have more THPL’ers before we know it.

Loving life with my boat out to see