It always feels better

What is it about mindset?  Does it really have that big of an impact?  Given we have quite a few people heading to the start line of the Scranton Half Marathon how about we think about it this way.  It matters not if you are a new member of THPL or experienced - when you engage in physical exercise (running in this case) and you go at it hard (or long) you most likely do not like the feeling during the activity.  There are moments of doubt and pain, resistance builds and you have to press the “override” button in your soul to keep it going. And somehow you find your way to the finish line just like everyone else.  The sense of elation is strong but even more powerful is that soon after the event and certainly by the next day you have forgotten the intensity of the pain and you feel stoked and stronger because of it.  And when given the opportunity to go back at it again you often will forget the “bad” feelings and remember the good feelings of accomplishment, achievement and success.  Yes, it most likely will hurt again next time but that is actually what we look forward to because we know it is how we grow, develop and embrace the THPL mission and become a true member of the community.  Mindset does win and it helps us get to the place we all need to be, one aimed towards high performance in our lives and the lives of those close to us.

Loving life and the feeling of accomplishment a day later